Once we receive your order, the records will be pulled and packed for shipping or pick-up. If you have any questions at all, send us a message before placing the order and we would be happy to answer.

*Cash accepted for local purchases or if we happen to be coming through your town. (Be sure to contact in order to arrange the transaction.)

Square is the default payment gateway for orders placed on this site and currently only supports US based web payments. If you are outside of the United States, please let us know so we can make the correct shipping and payment arrangements. We also accept PayPal, Venmo, and BitCoin.

(12″ singles without sleeves withstanding)
Q: Why don’t you grade the sleeves on new vinyl?
A: We have a rotating stock, and we travel. Sometimes there is a bend or ding in transit from the distributor. Sometimes sleeves get shelf wear. Generally if the sleeve is damaged on something you’ve placed an order for and we notice it we’ll send a note along with the shipping total. However, if it is a concern for you particularly please send note along with your order for us to check the sleeve condition.

¡Only media that is still SEALED in a factory plastic will be listed as Mint (M) all other unplayed media will generally be listed as Near Mint (NM)!

#Regarding SEALED Records and Color Variations#
When items are listed as “sealed…” within our notes it generally means that we cannot verify the color of the record. If color is of importance to you please inquire with us before purchase and we may be able to provide more information. We do our best to know in advance but sometimes we don’t and can’t tell without opening the record (which we won’t do – please don’t ask us to open a sealed record; again, we will not). If you put an order in for a sealed record we will most likely reassert the fact that we don’t know what color it may be. Sometimes color is listed and sometimes there are different catalog numbers or bar codes, but often times there are not and we cannot tell. We can only promise to be completely honest about it.

We ship using fair practices. Whether you are in the U.S. or International we will weigh the records and charge you appropriately. We will use USPS Media Mail as a default for deliveries in the United States. We send using USPS First Class International to everywhere else. Modest extras towards shipping materials and associated costs are included in invoice shipping charges. (For small packages it’s generally $1)

SHIPPING EXTRAS: Please note that when we send an invoice we are sending along the bare bones cheapest shipping price. Insurance is not included and if you are international and worried about damaged records it is especially encouraged to heavily consider adding insurance to your package. If damage occurs to your package without insurance, unfortunately there is no course of action of getting that record or the money for it back. Other extras such as tracking or shipping confirmation are also on the buyer. Please contact us inquiring about any of this before paying for the record(s) and ideally in the notes with your order.

With the current shipping prices it especially makes sense to build an order. There is no longer a drastic price increase after 4lbs., so it makes more sense to order in a good quantity to reduce the shipping per item. Plus, who doesn’t like getting lots of music in the mail all at once?!

1x LP = 1 RECORD
2x LP (double LP) = 2 RECORDS
3x LP (triple LP) = 3 RECORDS
and so on…

These are the typical prices and could be different for more elaborate/heavier records or even less for lighter records – as with 12″ singles with no packaging.
$4 for up to five (7″s/CDs).
– Add $1 for every three (7″s/CDs) thereafter.

$4 for the first 12”/LP
– Add $0.50 – $1 for each additional.

$8 for the first (7″/CD)
– multiples are by weight. (Please wait for a quote after placing the order)

$12 for the first 12”/LP
– multiples are by weight. (Please wait for a quote after placing the order)

$11 for the first CD
$12 for the first 7”
– multiples are by weight. (Please wait for a quote after placing the order)

$18 for the first 12”/LP
– multiples are by weight. (Please wait for a quote after placing the order)

International Orders over 4lbs. [1.8kg] (usually 7 records +/- 1 record), will be sent USPS PRIORITY International by default (USPS EXPRESS International by request).

CUSTOMS: Please do not ask us to lie on the customs forms. We won’t. If there are taxes on your end I’m afraid that’s not anything we have control of and we cannot lawfully be deceptive in order to save a few dollars.

If you’d like to estimate any shipping prices please check the United States Postal Service’s helpful tool, the Postage Shipping Calculator here:

[If you find the amount charged differs from the amount paid to actually ship to a great degree (allow up to $3 for associated expenses) please contact us for a refund of the difference. For instance, if you paid $18 in shipping and it ended up costing $14 we will refund you $1 or if you paid $32 and it cost $24 we will refund you $5 and so on. The impetus for this is on the buyer. If a payment remains unclaimed after 30 days, chances are it will be voided.]

{Keep in mind that Flat Rate boxes are not an option as their size is not compatible with the items we ship. Please also keep in mind that packing material also has weight. The average LP in a mailer with packing material will weigh about 1lb 8oz. (+/- 2oz.). }

It is not our normal practice to open sealed records.

Regarding sealed records received with defects: If you have received a record with a factory defect your best course of action is to contact the appropriate publisher of the record. Once the seal is broken we have no recourse. If that does not work please do not hesitate to contact us to alleviate the situation in whatever manner we can work out.

For $500USD + travel one of our experienced deejay’s will personally hand deliver your order anywhere in the world within 2 weeks (within reason – nowhere above or below 15,000ft. for example). The records will be carried on the flight so that there is only one person handling them (limit 50 records). This is a non-refundable option so please make sure you want it before paying. (Yes, seriously)

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